Marias Dortmond

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Marias Dortmond

Position: Former Interior Minister of the Pontanore
Term of Office: - 5697
Predecessor: Lord Zamald
Successor: Unknown
Date of Birth 8th/4th/5676
Place of Birth: Ariatra
Qualifications: FIO, OIP
Pontiana Seat: Ariatra Calmadea
Political Party: Moderate Party of the Pontanore
Other Former Positions: Pontanore Minister of Transport

Marias Dortmond was the Interior Minister of The Caropsyne Pontanore under the Maldian Government. Having served as Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of the Pontanore, he served as Minister of Transport under the government of Dr. Phodric Dormond, before being promoted to Interior Minister under Dr. Haldric Maldian.

[edit] Life

Dortmond was born in Ariatra and comes from a long line of Caropsyne Phetts. He was educated at the Fostitio Calmadea, Ariatra before attaining a degree in Political Studies at the University of the Pontanore. He was first elected to the Pontiana as a respresentative of Ariatra-Calmadea and was involved in the formation of the Dormond government, as leader of one of the three major parties included in the governing coalition. As Interior Minister, Dortmond was regarded as something of hardliner and stood accused by many members of his party of having betrayed traditional social democratic values to persue a popularist agenda. He is currently wanted by the Casmara for corruption and his part in assisting the Damosca with its illegal actions. His whereabouts are currently unknown, although it is thought he is residing in Permenta.

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